12×12 blue fabric quilt challenge #5

My Art2quilt group won $50 for an admission of an interpretation of Lillie’s in the 2017 Kaleidoscope show.

They took home $50 for the prize. I wasn’t part of the group at the time.

The group then took the prize money and bought $50 of umbre blue fabric for the 12×12 quilt challenge. It’s a beautiful piece of fabric and I was excited to choose a subject for this blue fabric. It is a very beautiful piece of fabric that reminded me of the sky, so I thought I would make it part of the background as the sky. Now the challenge became what to make in the foreground.

I have wanted to make a quilt of a jack rabbit ever since I saw the biggest jack rabbit in my life while traveling in Patagonia. This jack rabbit was bigger than my dog and she weighs 33 pounds! I truly believe that it could have been a jack-a-lope. But I digress.

I found the cutest picture of a jack rabbit online (Pinterest) and based my quilt around that ⬇️

Isn’t he just adorable! So off I went making my pattern and cutting, fusing, and gluing .

I love flowers of all sorts. I have a personal library of photos I have taken of just flowers during my travels 💐 🍎🌺🌸🌹🌷🌼🌻 For this 12 x 12 “challenge I thought I would KISS (keep it simple, stupid) it.

I used a zig zag stitch for the stems and using black thread, I free-motion quilted the pattern onto the flowers. I did this part of the work before I added the layers of quilting. I don’t know why I decided to do it this way, but for some reason I didn’t want all that thread work showing on the back of the final piece. In the end, I don’t think it really matters.

I decided to keep realistic colors with the rabbit and found four shades of browns in my growing fabric stash. I spent some time with the eye trying to get it to look realistic. I’m not very good with drawing, but I try my best. I think that layering fabric is easier than drawing ✍️.

The blade of grass in his mouth isn’t sewn in yet. I’m doing that last due to the sewing I have to do underneath it.

So here is the final piece. It’s sandwiched with a thin cotton batting. Not bad, I think. You can see that the same blue ombré fabric I used for the background I used for the binding. (2″ sash for 1/4 inch binding). I love how the ombré blended all the way around this piece. I continue using the black thread for the line drawing on the rabbit. I thought it made it look more storybook this way.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this.

When my kids were little we had a black and white rabbit we kept in a cage on my clothes dryer. We would take him out and he would hop around, chew on wires, scare the dogs. On nice summer days we would take him outside. He liked to be held, but you had to hold him with a firm grip, he liked the security. We called him Bunny. So, in honor of that little rabbit, long ago past , I shall call this piece Bunny. 🐰

Linda J. Hahn & a Fabric Sale

Yesterday I drove up to Ann Arbor, MI to the Greater Ann Arbor quilt guild. This group is more for the traditional quilter of which I am not, but I attended as a visitor. The women there were very nice and welcoming. I would guess at least 100 in attendance. Check out their website ➡️ https://www.gaaqg.com/

Linda J. Hahn was the guest speaker, you can find her profile here ➡️ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269228568

She is the queen of New York Beauty Blocks (formerly known as the Rocky Mountain crown of thorns). She was a very entertaining speaker and brought A LOT of her quilts to the meeting. She demonstrated with her quilts that one block can offer so many variations of beautiful quilts simply by rearranging the blocks, changing the colors, and also adding other types of blocks to the Beauty blocks.

I didn’t bring my camera so the following pictures were found online ⬇️

After the lecture the fun began!

The guild was hosting a fabric sale with the proceeds going toward Safehouse. A non profit organization that provides shelter for battered women in the Ann Arbor area.

I think of fabric as paint, so I didn’t have a particular quilt in mind when picking the fabric. I was thinking about colors for skin, hair, fish, trees, the sun, and the moon.

Then these fabrics ⬇️ would make awesome backs of quilts. In the lecture Linda J. Hahn was saying that the back of your quilts doesn’t have to match the front of the quilt especially when it is going to hang on the wall. The back of your quilts should tell a story. She loves using novelty quilts (especially frogs 🐸) on the back of her quilts. The story of my quilt backing will be that I love a great deal especially when it goes to a good cause!

I bought all this fabric for a $50 donation. Now that’s a deal 😊