12×12 FLOWER #2

This month’s 12×12 quilt challenge in my Art2quilt group theme is flower. For this challenge the quilter is able to create any type of flower quilt using any kind of method; be it appliqué, fabric painting, thread painting, and so on. I decided to try my hand at ribbon embroidery. I watched a YouTube video found here ➡️ https://youtu.be/coWAlsXsGVs.

Originally, I wanted to add all types of flowers but quickly discovered that pulling ribbon through a 3 layered quilt is impossible! Next time I will do the ribbon embroidery then add it to the quilt.

The types of flowers I chose to use were the types I could thread to the top of the quilt.

I beaded the centers of the red flowers to kind of resemble poppies.

For the quilt pattern, I just free motioned the design of the fabric. I chose a gold leaf fabric for the boarder. This piece reminds me of the book “Memoirs of a Geisha”, which is one of my all-time favorite books.

I’m very happy with how this piece turned out. 😊

Designer Owl Pillows 🦉

This will be a simple short blog for a simple short project.

These two owl pillows were made with a simple design of raw edge appliqué. I drew out the pattern onto freezer paper and ironed the freezer paper onto my upholstery fabric. I cut the pattern out using my pinking sheers. I then removed the freezer paper and ironed the cut out fabric unto a fusible webbing. Once the design was ironed and fused together I sewed the edges about 1/4 inch using just a straight stitch. All the fabric is upholstery and since it is raw edge it will fray a bit. The fraying causes more of a distressed unfinished look which for this particular design I wanted. Both pillows were made of the same fabric, just in reverse for the eyes and body. The added trim, the applied buttons and embroidery give both pillows a unique look.

In the top design the eyes were made with two buttons on top of each other. All the buttons were purchased at JoAnn fabric using a coupon (of course). The beak on the top pillow was found in a package of buttons in the “steam punk” section. Gotta love steam punk. The bottom pictured pillow I tried my hand at embroidery. Both pillows are 8″x8″ and stuffed with Poly-fil. You can make this design any size you want. I kept it small because I used fabric I had on hand. This is an easy weekend project for a couple of cute designer pillows to make your home all that more personal and beautiful.