I will share a little bit on how I started making art quilts, but first, I have to share a little history about me.

I have two sisters, older and younger. I was the middle child and artistic. I wanted to grow up and be an art teacher, so that way I would be surrounded by all things art. After graduating high school, I was enrolled into a nearby university that had a pretty good art department. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Financial contrasts kept me from this dream. So instead, I enrolled to the technical college for a 2 year nursing degree (it was way more affordable). I thought that after I graduated nursing, which I did in 1993, I would start making money and pay for some art classes at the university. But not before I got married, then a year later I got pregnant, bought a house, and started my family. Well, as anyone can guess, time got away and my dream was fading. Sure, I would dabble here and there making crafts, but I wanted to create ART, but there just wasn’t enough time and I was losing my confidence that I was any good at art anyways.

Two children and a couple of divorces later, I would find myself remarried to a wonderful, supportive husband who thinks Everything I do is awesome. And now with two adult children I finally have time for myself. So, at age 45 I bought a Bernina sewing machine and I took my first quilting class. My intention was not to make traditional quilts, but to eventually learn how to make art quilts, but you gotta start somewhere. So, there you are, my little history.CC097395-2332-499E-A285-E2AB1F8474ED

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